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The DigiBus project, run by the Cheltenham based charity ITSA Digital Trust, is bringing digital education, help, and experiences to local communities within Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties. Since launching in October 2021 our Team has been travelling around the county stopping at various community venues and schools offering our ‘Free To The User’ service. You can book your free 121 session with one of our trainers here, or on the Timetable page.

** The project is currently experiencing some financial difficulties; sadly this means that our visits to some locations will have to be cancelled during May 2024. The up-to-date list for locations that we ARE visiting can be found on the ‘Timetable/Booking’ tab on the Menu bar.

Sadly there is no time limit on the length of time that we think these difficulties will last for, but as soon as the financial issues are sorted the project will be able to run at full capacity once again, offering unlimited and unrivalled support to the communities and individuals that rely on us for help and assistance. Thank You for your understanding **

If the DigiBus Team have helped you solve your Digital Issues and you would like to help us do what we do best, or you simply wish to help us keep the DigiBus Team out and about and helping others, then the ‘Donate’ button above allows you to do this by making a donation towards the DigiBus Project running costs.
Your donation will help keep the DigiBus Project serving the individuals and the communities that need our services the most. Thank you.
Here are some quotes from recent visitors:

Digibus is absolutely wonderful, I don’t feel at all embarrassed asking for help on the bus. I’ve also discovered so many other things about my device I didn’t know. Amazing, unbelievable service!

Linda – Churchdown Library

I had no idea I could do all those things just from my phone. It’s going to transform how I work.

Mark – Redbrook

We would like to thank the Digibus Team for a highly engaging and impactful two days at our school. The pupils participated in a website building activity, played with VR headsets and had an e-safety talk. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and couldn’t wait to share their experiences. All activities were very relevant to the world we live in today and we would highly recommend this experience to others.

Bream C of E Primary School

All aboard!

Internet Security

We can show you how to stay safe online – what to look out for and how to avoid scams and phishing emails.

Mobile Device Help

We can show you how to use your (or our) devices, including downloading apps and setting up an email address.

Problem Solving

Bring your device and tell us what the problem is, We’ll help you to work out what has gone wrong and how to put it right.

GP Surgery

We can show you how to navigate your GP’s website to book appointments or order medication

Manage your money

We can help you to navigate your bank’s online banking site and show you how to use it to help with budgeting and shopping.

All aboard

Scam Advice

If you think you have been, or are being ‘Scammed’, come and talk to us, we’ll help you work out what is happening, and what to do.

Internet Browsing

We can show you how to search and explore the internet.

Shop online

We can help you to shop online safely.

Socialise online

We can show you how to use your device for video calling, social media, etc.

Job hunting

We can show you how to use programs to write letters and CVs and find and apply for jobs online.

Our Partners include:

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