Learning about digital technology can help you in a number of ways – from staying in touch with family and friends to finding a job and managing your finances. You might want to learn how to book a GP appointment or pay for your housing, you might want to make a robot smile or see the Taj Mahal in 3D. It is our aim to provide a supportive learning experience to empower our communities to use digital technology in their everyday lives.
Whether you want to learn how to use your device or immerse yourself in virtual reality, there’s something new around every corner. Book your session today and continue your digital journey aboard the DigiBus.
Check out this report from one of our trainers on how he helped a visitor to the DigiBus with his job search…
John* came onto the Digibus in October in the Forest of Dean, having been signposted by Prospect Training. He had been given a laptop by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) as part of his Universal Credit claim, however it hadn’t been set up with Microsoft Windows and he didn’t have the skills or confidence to get started. We set it up together and got him signed into his email and universal credit account. I saved important pages where John could find them and we practiced turning the computer on and off until John was happy he could use it on his own. I also set him up with an Indeed account and we learnt how to search for jobs. John applied for a few jobs and even received a phone call back from a potential employer whilst he was on the bus!
*Names have been changed